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Climate Emergency

There is a growing consensus that climate change is an existential emergency - that rapid, man-made climate change and global warming represents a clear and present danger to humanity, to democracy, and to the world at large

Rising sea levels, melting ice caps, freak storms and increasing wildfire and heat, scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making

The worlds leading climate scientists have warned there is only a dozen years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of droughts and floods and extreme heat for hundreds and millions of people

This was something that scientists were predicting would happen at sometime in the future. It’s happening now

There is no doubt that pieces of the natural world would survive if humanity pushes our world to the brink

If we do nothing, the picture of the world is one of absolute devastation

We can expect to see a rapid increase in wildfires, sea rising, greater storms, greater floods, super storms all the time, heat waves that kill thousands. Mass migration on a scale like we have never seen. There isn’t access to clean water, there isn’t access to food. Species extinction like we haven’t yet imagined. A world that is warmer has more war

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A new era of mass demonstration

All of this can seem incredibly overwhelming, but the truth is, the only way not to feel hopeless is to simply take action

But what do we do, ?

Big business, leaders and government have started to respond but unfortunately it’s not fast enough

We are seeing a dramatic spike in campaigning and civil disobedience, we’ve seen extinction rebellion in London and millions of young people in the streets all around the world come together

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It’s painful to experience what’s happening if you’re paying attention, but its also hard to imagine a time when there was a greater opportunity to work toward improving the state of the world, to make more of an impact and to live therefore a more meaningful life


Our hope lies in rapidly raising awareness about Climate Change and the opportunities that we have to make a difference

Like so many, we have been tremendously inspired by Greta Thunberg and the School strikes. It’s exciting to see the kids protesting, organizing, responding to what they see on their social media feeds, but its not just that – it’s a response to the anxiety that we are totally running out of time

It’s also sad that it’s taken schoolchildren leaving there classrooms to alert us to the danger of a warming world

This should not be left to the kids


Our Mission

Born out of the passion and experience of a small team of expert fundraisers and activists to provide people who want it with the opportunity to participate more fully in campaigning for the climate

The key with Connect was to build an organisation that was dynamic and efficient in its ability to significantly enhance the experience of long-term campaigning and to markedly raise the probability of each individual having an impact


The Work & You


There is no Climate Justice without Social Justice

The Training


Our Principles


We are recruiting

Because less than 3% of philanthropic giving goes toward protecting our planet we knew we had to do something now, and instead of trying to do it all ourselves, Connect is focused on getting support and resources out to the most effective organizations on the ground.

We quickly understood that there are many people like us, who really want to do something more impactful for the environment but didn’t think they were able to, be it because of ongoing commitments to work, to studying, to family or otherwise

Through our door to door fundraising campaigns for some of the worlds leading environmental NGO’s we are able to compliment highly effective campaigning with good employment  

Its increasingly understood that those most affected by climate change are the ones who played by far the smallest role in creating it

Environment, social, equality; If we are going to have a fairer, better, more just world all of these things need to be worked out together, which is why we are proud to be working with the foremost Social Justice NGO’s here in the UK

Canvassing is both challenging and rewarding

You will participate in an outstanding training program developed through the combined efforts of leading activists, campaigners and fundraisers

You will learn to:

  • Communicate effectively with a wide range of people

  • Manage Push-Back successfully

  • Work well within a team and alone

  • Express yourself in a productive way

  • Unlock your capacity for making a difference

We accept the Scientific facts of Climate Change

We welcome applicants from all walks of life

We embrace experimentation and we learn together

We always do our best without attempting to control results

We show up

We come together to make Climate Change an urgent priority

We value Kindness, Equality, Justice, Creativity, Connectivity and Courage

We keep it real!


If you would like to join us please contact Nick Lever 07970 736466